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Information Security Tips 101

  • Install an Anti-Virus Program on your computer and keep your Virus definitions up-to-date.
  • Consider software that bundles anti-virus, anti-spyware, host firewall, intrusion prevention, and parental controls in one product. Keep this updated.
  • Use care when browsing the internet and downloading files.
  • Be careful when opening email with attachments.
  • Delete SPAM and “Chain Letters,” “Jokes” and other “Hoaxes”. Do NOT forward to other recipients.
  • Keep your computer patched with latest software updates for your operating system and applications.
  • Install and use a firewall program on your home computer.
  • Install and Use a Hardware Firewall at the “edge” or perimeter of your home network.
  • Make backups of important files and folders.
  • Use strong passwords and change regularly: Passwords should be at least 9 characters long, use special characters, and a combination of alpha and numeric upper case / lower case characters. Do NOT write passwords on paper.
  • Secure your vital paper documents and data backup in a Fire-Proof safe.
  • Use file encryption Software and access controls.
  • Secure your home wireless network connection. Do NOT use default settings.
  • Do NOT dispose your old computer into the trash. Ensure that the hard disk is completely wiped.
  • Use a cross-cut shredder to dispose of sensitive information (banking statements, credit card information, etc) instead of disposing into the trash.
  • “Google” yourself to see what personal information is posted online about yourself.
  • Put a note on the back of your credit card for merchants to verify ID before using your card.
  • Do NOT provide your Social Security number and other personal information to anyone over the phone. Trust, but verify the identity and “need-to-know” of anyone asking you for information.
  • Do NOT leave your purse, wallet or personal computer unattended in your car.
  • Do NOT post personally identifiable information and other sensitive information on blogs or social networking sites.
  • Do NOT carry all of your credit cards and other sensitive information in your purse or wallet.
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