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The Lincoln Tower

While Tower Bank’s headquarters has been in Lincoln Tower since 1999, the building itself has a rich and storied history. Construction of the Lincoln Tower began in October 1929 and was completed in November 1930. At 22 stories and 312 feet tall, it was Indiana’s tallest building. The Art Deco building was designed by architects A. M. Strauss of Fort Wayne and Walker & Weeks of Cleveland. The general contractor was Buesching and Hagerman.

The original cost of the Lincoln Tower was $1,300,000 and building materials included hand-wrought bronze, Milford granite, Italian travertine marble, several rare types of green Vermont marble and Indiana limestone. The main lobby is 85 feet wide, 110 feet long and two stories high. Its murals symbolize various elements in nature, and the signs of the zodiac. The entryway features seven bronze panels depicting scenes from the life of Abraham Lincoln, and the soda fountain, which is still in use, is also original.

When it opened, the Lincoln Tower included:

  • 40 miles of wire
  • 1,774 tons of structural steel
  • 21,250 cubic feet of cut stone
  • 58 tons of terra cotta
  • 500 tons of marble


While the Lincoln Tower has been updated over the years to keep pace with modern conveniences, every effort has been made to retain the integrity of the building’s design. Renovations have included:

  • Replacement of all windows
  • Restoration and refinishing of the exterior
  • Pressure washing, caulking and gold leafing the top of the Tower
  • Restoration of common areas to the original architecture
  • Polishing and repair of the elaborate brass detailing in the foyer